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Episode Two - The Clone Wars Mademoiselle Guillotine (it's supposed to be MADAME, but whatever. Or if we're going by book titles, it's actually Mamz'elle Guillotine. Again--W-ever bitches.)

What's going to be great/horrible about this is that you just KNOW they're going to be making shit up from hereon in. We wept over the tattered shreds of canon in the last film, of course, but now we can kiss it entirely goodbye. Bonus - if anything remotely canonish shows up in here, we shall have a shot to celebrate. Sadly, I fully expect this will leave us far too sober, in the end.

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...the end.

Yeah, no, that's it. For the episode, at least. I mean, this makes more sense as part of a series than the first one does.

Geez. Two days and plenty of sanity-saving breaks to get through an hour and a half.

The Scarlet Pimpernel, 1999 version

So...I don't know. I'm a huge fan of the books, and so far have only seen the '82 version, which I like, despite some variances from the source text. Like, I always pictured Chauvelin as the older, suave type like Sir Anthony Hopkins or something chillingly creepy like that, but Sir Ian McKellen played the part well, though he was rather young, and to quote Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, that's "a fault which time will cure" and has.

Anyway, so there's that.

I'm reading over the back blurb on the DVD case, and it's okay until we hit Marguerite. Played by Elizabeth McGovern (I know little of her, to begin with,) but they note that she was in The Wings of the Dove as if it were an accomplishment. That movie made me scorn Helena Bonham Carter forever, and I did not like any single character in that film, at all. So now I'm dubious about a film that seems to take sides with that catastrophe. (Dark, twisted, and arguably brilliant film, but I despised it just the same, and my ire has held out for several years now.)

But but but -- the plot thickens!

Marguerite is herein Chauvelin's former lover.

*record scratch*

Pardonne moi, you sons of bitches?

Right. It's on. Let's do this thing.

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